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Please contact us by email or phone. Please tell us about your product or packaging size, packaging materials, packaging features and the expected effect you want to achieve.

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As a packaging manufacturer, we have a professional team that can provide perfect solutions for your product packaging. We can help you improve packaging structure, packaging design, and provide cost-effective product packaging solutions.

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Depending on the volume, quantity, and delivery time requirements of customized packaging, different transportation methods will be selected.According to the specific situation, we arrange sea, air, or express transportation for you.

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Shenzhen Borwoo Packaging Co. Ltd

Professional packaging manufacturer

Shenzhen Borwoo Packaging Co. Ltd. was established in 2001 and has served tens of thousands of SME (small and medium enterprises) with high-quality packaging solutions. As a professional packaging manufacturer, we have our own factory, advanced production management system, and can provide you with cost-effective customized packaging. With our advancing production system, the production of every package is under our supervision to ensure the outstanding quality.

Abundant packaging solutions

Whether you are a product seller, manufacturer, or brand owner, you will need to customize the packaging to let the product have a more attractive appearance. Our team can proudly ensure you that we can offer assistance with abundant packaging solutions. As for choice of materials or printing process, we can give you professional advice, so that you can have the best packaging solution within your budget. Even if you do not have a complete design or logo, we can provide support in packaging design. Furthermore, you only need to tell us your specific requirements, or send product samples to us so that we will provide you with professional advice and customized packaging samples in the shortest time as possible. Borwoo packaging manufacturer, with an experienced team, can provide you with the best product packaging solutions.

Wide range of customized packaging types

Currently we can provide various types of product packaging for different companies. Cosmetic packaging, food-grade packaging, electronic product packaging, jewelry packaging and more, we have a professional team responsible for any type. The structure and type of product packaging are not fixed, you can have a limitless range of choices. For example, custom tube packaging, kraft paper packaging, diamond boxes, cardboard drawer boxes, hexagonal boxes, window boxes, etc. Different types of customized packaging can be selected according to the characteristics of products and the needs of brand marketing, to make the products unique, outstanding and attractive.

Flexible order quantity requirement (MOQ)

Many customers will be quite cautious in the first purchasing of packaging solution from a new supplier. We fully understand this. Even if you only need to purchase 500 boxes, we can provide you with fully customizable packaging solution to help your market test. Of course, the more quantity you purchase in one order, the better discount you will get. Our monthly supply capacity is millions of units of packages.
Before mass purchase of packaging, it is necessary to confirm with custom packaging samples. We can provide you with customized samples, even if you only need a quantity, we can do that. Or you might need our packaging samples already in stock as a quality reference, we can also offer them free of charge, please feel free to contact us.

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