Waterproof labels for shampoo bottles

About Waterproof labels for shampoo bottles

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 1000 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.05-$0.23/pcs according to customization
  • Email:sales08@browoo.com


Shampoo can nourish people’s hair, make it more nutritious, and keep hair shiny. In life, every one needs to use shampoo, so that it has a large user group, but the competition between products and brands is more intense. Customizing waterproof labels for shampoo bottles is something that all hair care brands and manufacturers must do, and it is vital to the success of the product. Because the information on the shampoo bottle label is an important carrier for customers to understand product differentiation. Choosing the right label design and materials has a positive role in promoting the cause.

Since the shampoo is in a high humidity environment for a long time, the label must be waterproof to ensure that the label will not peel off due to moisture. The shampoo labels we provide you are water- and oil-repellent. The content on the label can be fully customized, with attractive design and rich content, allowing customers to quickly understand the product and make a purchase decision. All label types are durable, please feel free to contact us.

waterproof labels for shampoo bottles.Customized shampoo labels have unique advantages and can increase the attractiveness of shampoo products and brands. custom waterproof labels for shampoo bottles.The size of the shampoo label can be customized to fit the size and size of the shampoo bottle. roller waterproof labels for shampoo bottles.The volume label can minimize the space occupied by it, and the experience of sticking the label is also very good. cheap waterproof labels for shampoo bottles.The printing processes that can be selected for custom labels are diversified, and the rich content can increase the attractiveness of the labels. custom waterproof labels for shampoo.Custom label design and materials have an important influence on the success of shampoo, we provide you with high-quality custom labels. printed waterproof labels for shampoo bottles.The printed content of the custom shampoo label is a key factor that reflects product differentiation, especially the two-dimensional code can help identify the authenticity of the product.


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