Creative cardboard tube for Paper towel packaging

About Creative cardboard tube for Paper towel packaging

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.28-$0.92/pcs according to customization


In everyday life, no one can refuse paper towels. Paper towels come in different styles and shapes, and are used in various places. In order to ensure that the paper towel is neat and clean before and during use, the paper towel needs to be sealed in a specific form. The development of paper towel packaging has evolved from plastic packaging to paper environmentally friendly packaging.

For small volume or travel tissue packaging, small volume or easy to carry, it has become the most concerned issue of consumers. In addition, creative packaging will allow products to stand out on the shelves, attract more customers’ attention, and increase the probability of successful product sales. Creative cardboard tube, the packaging structure is cylindrical, the paper towel is sealed inside the tube in a very compact form. There is an easy-to-tear round lid on the top of the round boxes, which makes it easy to open the package and take out the tissues for use. Since the paper tube is printable content, with the help of unique packaging design, it can better promote the product and shape the brand image.

Creative cardboard tube for Paper towel packaging.As the main element of the packaging design, the small yellow people make it easier to attract customers' attention by using familiar things. Creative whaite cardboard tube for Paper towel packaging.The paper towel is taken out from the top of the paper tube cover and used, which is very convenient for using the product. kraft paper tube for Paper towel packaging. Customized paper tube packaging is used for paper towels, and the product features, other information, and other brand products are distinguished by printed content. Custom Creative cardboard tube for Paper towel packaging. The tissue packaging can print any content, and the unique packaging design can shape the unique packaging appearance and vision to attract customers' attention.


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