Small cardboard gift boxes with lids

About Small cardboard gift boxes with lids

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.28-$0.92/pcs according to customization



No brand or individual can ignore the role of small cardboard gift boxes in the product market. Whether it is a small product, jewelry, jewelry or gifts, etc., we will look for the perfect gift boxes to make the product packaging look more exquisite, or customers can like the product through the packaging. For enterprises, this is a clear goal that must be achieved. We have a professional packaging design team that can provide you with professional and reasonable suggestions in gift packaging.

Show you art cardboard boxes with lids, printed art paper as the outer laminated paper of the packaging, so that the packaging has the overall artistry. Packaging boxes with rigidity, thickness and weight are more likely to be welcomed. Therefore, one of the main raw materials for small gift boxes is 1200gsm gray board paper, which improves the firmness and pressure resistance of the packaging. The silky silk is used as gift bows and runs through the top of the lid, giving the product a very formal gift, and making the gift recipient feel valued. Printing brand-related information at specific locations on the packaging can effectively build the brand.

blue small cardboard gift boxes with lids.The blue art paper improves the fashion of packaging and adds more attractiveness and charm to gifts. small cardboard gift boxes with lids wholesale. Customized packaging uses gift bows as decoration, which increases the value of the product and makes the gift recipients feel valued. small cardboard gift boxes with lids and with bows. Printing the brand name in a specific location of the gift package can promote brand promotion and construction custom small cardboard gift boxes with lids. Artistic cardboard boxes with lids, the top of the packaging lid is decorated with high-grade silk gift bows custom small cardboard gift boxes with lids wholesale. You can put decorative shredded paper inside the small cardboard gift boxes to protect the gifts inside the packaging. small cardboard gift boxes with lids. Customized gift packaging solutions, according to the product custom packaging structure, size, printing content, etc., so that the product and packaging are fully matched.


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