Sports resistance band packaging

About Sports resistance band packaging

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.05-$0.19/pcs according to customization


The sports resistance band is a portable exercise tool that that requires very little space. Resistance bands can help strengthen muscle strength training, and can also quickly shape the body, which has been favored by more groups of consumers. Before the resistance band is delivered to the customer, it needs to maintain its specific shape and cleanliness to maintain the value of the product. Custom sports packaging will be able to completely seal the resistance band to avoid contamination and damage to the product due to external factors. This is a very worthwhile investment. Only a very small cost of money is required to keep the product brand new for a long time.

In order to highlight product characteristics and brand building, differentiated printing packaging are very important. As a professional packaging manufacturer, the resistance band packaging we provide you are customizable. Printing the slogan, product features and brand information on the packaging is one of the most effective ways to promote products. If you want to reduce the purchase cost of packaging, you can use 350gsm cardboard as the raw material to reduce the manufacturing cost of the packaging; and because the packaging is foldable, the packaging and transportation costs are extremely low. . . . . . . . . . For more customized packaging options, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best customized packaging solutions.

sports resistance band packaging. There is a paper label hook on the top of the sports packaging boxes, which is convenient for the products to be hung on the shelves for display. sports resistance band packaging wholesale. Set up transparent windows on the edge of the customized packaging to directly display some products to enhance the attractiveness of the products. sports resistance band packaging custom. The use scenes and product text descriptions of the products are printed on the back of the customized packaging, so that customers can quickly understand the characteristics of the products. sports resistance band packaging boxes. The black packaging box can be printed with product-related patterns and text to promote the product.


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