Creative food packaging for honey of three jars

About Creative food packaging for honey of three jars

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.28-$0.92/pcs according to customization


Honey is a delicious food. It is usually stored in rigid plastic or glass jars for preservation. Honey jars are fragile and must be adequately protected during transportation and storage to avoid damage. 1200gsm gray board paper is very strong and has strong Compressive ability. It can be used as one of the raw materials for food packaging boxes to improve the firmness of the packaging. The sturdy packaging can reduce the threat of external impact and pressure. And the high-density EVA can fix the honey glass jar, avoiding the shaking and movement of the product inside the package. The structure, shape, size, etc. of EVA are determined according to the volume and quantity of honey sold at one time in order to better adapt to the product.

In addition to the choice of packaging materials and packaging structure, food packaging design is critical to product marketing. Creative food packaging can surprise customers and is one of the important ways to increase product appeal. For example, this honey packaging, with bees and honey liquid as the main elements of the packaging design, can create a unique visual sense. It is easy for customers to understand the product and be attracted, and ultimately produce buying behavior. Since all the content of food packaging is customizable, you don’t need to worry about the packaging and product mismatch. We can provide you with a variety of customized food packaging solutions.

creative food packaging for honey of three jars. The structure and shape of the EVA inside the food packaging can be customized, and different numbers of glass jars can be fixed according to needs. creative food packaging for honey. Customized packaging can meet the needs of honey, and the white EVA inside the packaging can fix the food can to maintain product stability. luxury creative food packaging for honey. The customized honey packaging design is unique, can attract the attention of customers, and promote the product well to promote the purchase behavior. creative food packaging for honey boxes. The black flocking EVA is used to fix 3 bottles of honey glass jars to maintain the stability of the product. custom creative food packaging for honey. The side of the food packaging has a design similar to "honey liquid", which can bring visual enjoyment to customers and increase the attractiveness of the product to customers.


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