Creative hexagonal boxes for food packaging

About Creative hexagonal boxes for food packaging

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.05-$0.19/pcs according to customization


Irregular or unusual packaging structure will be more noticeable than ordinary packaging. Hexagonal boxes are a very creative shape and can be used for round products such as cans, bottles, rolls, etc. Hexagonal packaging has no fixed size, and can be customized according to the specific requirements of the product. Although the dimensions of the 6 sides of the package are the same, and the dimensions of the top and bottom sides are also the same, it is movable and adjustable without affecting the height and size of the package. Each side of the hexagonal packaging can be printed with content, which can form a whole “picture”, and carry out proprietary and unique promotion of the product.

Liquid food is usually found in glass jars, and hexagonal boxes are one of the best choices for outer packaging. According to the characteristics of food, creative design makes the packaging uniquely attractive, and customers will be deeply impressed by the product and brand. Through the packaging template, we will find that the packaging is an integrated design that can be completely folded. When the package is transported separately (without product), or when the package is idle, it can greatly reduce the space occupied by folding. The manufacturing process of this package is simple, the material cost is low, and the unit price for food packaging is low. For more information, please feel free to contact us, will provide you with the best customized packaging solutions.

custom Creative hexagonal boxes for food packaging. Bees, honeycombs, honey, etc., as the main elements of food packaging design, can intuitively reflect the characteristics and allure of food. Creative hexagonal boxes for food packaging. The brand name and promotional slogan are printed with emboss, and the customized packaging has a letterpress visual sense. Creative hexagonal food packaging boxes wholesale. Honey packaging adopts hexagonal packaging, which is easy to fold or unfold, and the packaging manufacturing cost is low. hexagonal food packaging boxes tempalte. We have an experienced food packaging design team that can give professional advice on packaging structure design. hexagonal boxes packaging tempalte. Creative food packaging template design can be used as a reference for food boxes or hexagonal packaging. custom hexagonal boxes for food packaging. Creative food packaging design, to a large extent, can help products stand out in fierce competition.


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