Custom paper tube packaging for 250g sea salt with windows

About Custom paper tube packaging for 250g sea salt with windows

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.28-$0.92/pcs according to customization


The raw material of sea salt is sea water. After the water is evaporated, the sea salt is produced. The particles of sea salt are relatively large. High-quality sea salt needs delicate packaging to set off.

This is a custom paper tube packaging for 250g sea salt with windows. The case we provide is the packaging of sea salt. The entire packaging box uses cylindrical packaging, using cardboard as the raw material. The overall box body is decorated with alternating yellow and light blue stripes, full of marine style. The brand LOGO and text information are printed in black and white fonts in the middle of the box body, which is concise and clear.

The middle part of the upper cover of the packaging box uses transparent plastic as a display window, you can see the sea salt in the box, and help customers understand the product intuitively. The inside of the cylinder is white as a whole, clean and concise, and it can also better set off sea salt.

In addition to this packaging, we have other packaging products, and we can also provide you with customized personalized services. If you are interested, please email us.

This model is mainly used as a case study. If you need different design effects, we can provide customized services for all kinds of sea salt packaging boxes. If you like the already designed packaging, we have a large number of cases for you to choose from, and you can modify and redesign the existing packaging. If you already have design ideas for the packaging box, we can fully meet your needs no matter in the material of the packaging box, the box structure, or the printing and interior decoration, and restore the packaging box you imagined to reality.

custom paper tube packaging for 250g salt with windows. Fashionable color schemes and printed text messages enhance the attractiveness of the packaging and make it easier for customers to understand the product custom paper tube packaging for 250g sea salt with windows. The diameter of the food paper tube packaging is 75mm, the height is 85mm, and the lid height is 30mm. custom paper tube packaging with windows. Food grade paper tube packaging has aluminum foil on the inner wall of the tube, the main purpose is to dry the inside of the paper tube. paper tube packaging for 250g sea salt with windows. Small round boxes with lids, a round transparent window is set on the top of the lid. custom paper tube packaging wholesale. The thickness of the paper tube cover is 2mm, which can withstand a certain external pressure. custom paper tube packaging for sea salt with windows.Customized food tube packaging can print specific content to strengthen brand building and product promotion.


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