Creative empty lash boxes with logo

About Creative empty lash boxes with logo

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.33-$0.98/pcs according to customization


False eyelashes are a very popular cosmetic used to decorate the eyes and make them more attractive. Since mink eyelashes are easily folded or damaged, they need to be placed in empty lash boxes. Hard cardboard eyelash boxes, using 1200gsm gray board as one of the main raw materials, greatly improve the hardness of the packaging box, can withstand the squeeze, and will be able to provide comprehensive protection for the product. In order to make the packaging look more exquisite, the unique design is printed on 128gsm coated paper, covering the entire package, which can present unique patterns and vision to customers. Customers have higher trust in branded products. We can provide printing services for your false eyelashes packaging, logo or brand name printed in a specific location on the packaging to help you build your brand.

People are already tired of ordinary packaging designs and patterns. Novel and creative patterns will allow most customers to turn their attention to creative boxes and products. These two eyelash packaging designs have a high reference value. The parts of the eyes are printed on the front of the box with a high-definition pattern, and you will even feel a pair of attractive eyes “eyeing” with yourself; the style of false eyelashes is also very clear, and You can even clearly see the characteristics of each lash line. The main patterns of packaging are “open eyes” and “close eyes”, which highlight the role of false eyelash products in decorating eyes. The brand name is printed on the customer’s easiest place to see the brand. Since all eyelash packaging is customizable, there is absolutely no need to worry about packaging and product mismatches. Please contact us immediately, we will have a professional team to provide you with the best service.

creative empty lash boxes wholesale. Eyes use the close-up pattern of false eyelashes as the main element of the packaging design, which is like having a pair of eyes telling consumers, which is very attractive. creative empty lash boxes with logo wholesale. Mink eyelash packaging can be customized, using creative packaging design to enhance the attractiveness of packaging and products. creative empty lash boxes packaging. The packaging design of false eyelashes has a very shocking visual effect, leaving customers with a deep product impression and brand impression. creative empty lash boxes with logo. Creative eyelash packaging is attractive, and the brand name or logo is printed under the creative pattern to maximize brand awareness. custom creative empty lash boxes with logo. The creative design makes the cardboard eyelash boxes unique, creative, and can quickly help the brand build its image. creative empty lash boxes custom. False eyelashes packaging boxes are sturdy and durable, with strong resistance to pressure. 1200gsm gray cardboard is used as one of the raw materials.


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