Creative packaging for electronic products

About Creative packaging for electronic products

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.35-$0.99/pcs according to customization


Many entrepreneurs and brand merchants will devote all their energy to the development of electronic products, ignoring packaging design. Some merchants may even feel that electronic product packaging does not play any role in the sales process. The customer is buying the use value of the product. The packaging will not be used by the customer, will not generate value, and the customer will not care about the packaging. This is a wrong perception. As one of the added value of the product, packaging is one of the factors of the product’s essential potential value system. Packaging has two major functions: basic protection for the product; it plays a role in product and brand promotion. Customized creative packaging for electronic products to give brands and products more competitive advantages.

For example, this speaker packaging has a unique and attractive packaging design. The shape and pattern of the packaging are exactly the same as those of the old-fashioned radio. Customers are very easy to understand the product and will impress the brand instantly. Gaining consumer attention has laid the foundation for successful product sales. The pattern design of the inner box of the package shows the related audio product patterns in a graffiti style. The overall packaging design makes it very easy for customers to understand the product. The main material of the packaging is 1200gsm gray board paper, which makes the boxes exceptionally strong; 128gsm coated paper prints the pattern and laminates it on the surface of the boxes, the packaging becomes unique and attractive.

creative packaging for electronic products. Creative packaging boxes will give customers a stunning visual impact, and encourage customers to naturally spread packaging pictures, so as to quickly promote the brand custom creative packaging for electronic products. Customized product packaging can use creative design, which is very cost-effective for promoting products and brands. creative cardboard drawer packaging for electronic products. The creative packaging design makes the front of the electronic product packaging exactly the same as the "radio", which is very attractive. creative cardboard packaging for electronic products. There are white plastic handles on the top of the custom boxes, making it easier for customers to carry packaging and products. creative black packaging for electronic products. Black cardboard drawer boxes are packed, and 1500gsm gray board paper improves the firmness and compression resistance of the packaging. creative design packaging for electronic products. The interior of the custom boxes has a unique design, and the printed paper with creative patterns is laminated on the interior of the packaging boxes to enhance the attractiveness of the packaging.


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