Custom paper tube for women’s clothing packaging

About Custom paper tube for women’s clothing packaging

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.28-$0.92/pcs according to customization


Are you looking for fashionable women’s clothing packaging to reflect the difference in products? Most of the clothes are packed in corrugated paper, flat gift boxes, or transparent plastic bags. We suggest that you can try custom paper tubes and use them as clothing packaging. Although few brands will use this packaging method, but it has a unique effect.

Paper tube packaging clothes will save more space. When clothes are laid flat in flat packaging, they usually take up a lot of space. Roll the clothes into a cylindrical shape and place it inside the box to completely fill the inner space of the paper tube. The structure is very compact. Because less packaging materials are used and the volume is smaller, the manufacturing cost and shipping cost of paper tube packaging are lower.

Directly printing product styles on customized paper tubes is a very intuitive way to advertise products. Taking the style of women’s clothes directly as the main pattern of packaging design will allow customers to see the relevant style characteristics of the product at the moment of packaging. Under normal circumstances, the text description can be printed on the bottom of the paper tube, without affecting the appearance of the packaging, and the product description can be added. For more detailed information about customized clothes packaging boxes, please feel free to contact us.

Custom paper tube for women's clothing packaging boxes. For female customers, it is more attractive to have pictures of women's clothing on the packaging design. Printed paper tube for women's clothing packaging. White cardboard is the main raw material for packaging, and the edge cut of the paper tube is also pure white, and the packaging quality is high. women's clothing packaging boxes. Provide a variety of printable shirt packaging solutions to make your product packaging more complete. Custom printed paper tube for women's clothing packaging. Custom cardboard tube packaging can print any content, and the printing of product pictures improves the attractiveness of the packaging. Custom paper tube for women's clothing packaging. The white paper tube uses creative packaging design to make the product packaging more attractive.


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