Black cardboard cosmetic packaging of nail polish

About Black cardboard cosmetic packaging of nail polish

  • Boxes style and Size: Customizable
  • MQQ: 500 pcs
  • Free sampling and design service possible
  • Referral FOB price: $0.28-$0.92/pcs according to customization



Nail polish can change the color and brightness of fingernails or toenails, and even make nails have artistic patterns. It is an artistic beauty product. Nail polish contains a certain chemical composition, and most of the nail polishes are directly packed in glass containers to effectively extend the validity period of the product. In addition, there is still a need to customize packaging of nail polish, which can effectively protect fragile nail polish bottles, and use specific factor content to enhance the artistry and attractiveness of the product.

Nail polish can be sold in a single bottle or a multi-bottle set. Many bottles of nail polish are sold in sets, making them more popular. We display cardboard cosmetic packaging for you, which is a kind of gift boxes with high sturdiness and compression resistance. The black packaging uses 1200gsm gray board paper as one of the raw materials, which improves the thickness and firmness of the package; 128gsm art paper can print various contents to completely cover the gray board paper. Nail polish brands, product features, etc. can all be reflected in boxes through printing, making your packaging box unique and stand out.

Customizable packaging structure and size allow the packaging to match the product to the maximum. The black sponge inside the package is elastic, has a certain shape and design, can embed the nail polish bottle in it, and protect the product well. The size of the nail polish package and the black sponge design are not exactly the same. The size of the outer box and the inner insert is determined according to the number of nail polishes contained in the package is 3 bottles, 5 bottles, 7 bottles or other quantities. The cosmetic packaging we provide you are fully customizable, please feel free to contact us.

Black cardboard cosmetic packaging of nail polish. The black EVA insert inside the package allows 2 bottles of nail polish to be neatly placed inside the product package. Black cardboard nail polish packaging for 3 bottles. The inside of the customized packaging is to use EVA to fix the nail polish bottle, allowing the product to be displayed to consumers in a specific form. Black cardboard nail polish packaging for 5 bottles. Cardboard cosmetic packaging can be customized, and the packaging accessories and printed content are customized according to the product. Black cardboard nail polish packaging for 7 bottles. The nail polish packaging can be customized in size and EVA style, which will allow the sale of different quantities of nail polish, such as 3 bottles of nail polish set, 5 bottles of nail polish set, or more. Black cardboard nail polish packaging boxes with logo. Sturdy packaging can play an excellent protective effect on the product and maintain the stability of the product. Black cardboard cosmetic packaging with logo. Brand logo or name is one of the most important assets of a product, and customized packaging can increase the selling price and potential value of the product.


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